Best Foods for Protecting Skin from the Sun This 4th Of July

The fireworks shouldn’t happen on your skin

When it comes to protection from the harmful effects of sunlight, what you put in your body is as important as what you put on it.Most of us think of protection from the sun’s damaging effects on skin as coming from the outside, i.e. sunscreen. The truth is that the right nutrients are just as important because they can protect the skin from those cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays, from the inside. When you are outside this 4th of July holiday, remember to protect your skin from the inside, too. Here are some of the foods and nutrients that will do just that.

Health Blog: Are You a Member of the Supplement Society?

Survey: Half the nation is taking dietary supplements

There are pills, and then there are pills. We hear a lot of news about how many of us are taking prescription meds, but now there is a new tally of dietary-supplement takers. There's a bunch of us.


Aging is not for sissies

No one really wants to grow old and unhealthy. 

Like many other trends in American society, the desire for healthy aging (some might say anti-aging) is being driven by baby boomers, who want nothing to do with the slow mental and physical decline they saw in their parents and grandparents. We want a longer health span. 

Men's Health

Real men pop pills

It’s become more than acceptable for men to take pills for sexual performance purposes. They also do it to protect their prostate (which is, of course, also related to that first item above). They also do it for weekend warrior purposes.


Each year, more than 62 million cases of the common cold in the United States require medical attention, and more than 80 percent affect school-aged children. Adults and children in fact get two to six colds a year.1

What if sucking on a lozenge could cut the time of illness in half?

Immune Health: Staying Healthy

Help your immune system keep you healthy

You want to stay healthy? Get plenty of sleep. Drink lots of water. Keep your stress in check – deep breaths, meditation, yoga, whatever floats your boat. It’s all about maintaining a balance of your health – after all, if you take a close look at it, disease really just means dis-ease. So harmony is key. Recent findings show that lack of sleep can send the bad-bacteria count in the gut through the roof.

For insurance when your lifestyle can’t keep up with these common-sense tips, take supplements.


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