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Survey: Half the nation is taking dietary supplements

There are pills, and then there are pills. We hear a lot of news about how many of us are taking prescription meds, but now there is a new tally of dietary-supplement takers. There's a bunch of us.

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There are thousands of dietary supplements on the market, and it can be daunting to find the right ones for your particular health concerns. endeavors to share the latest information science is discovering about the effects of dietary supplements on various health conditions.


Selenium is a great anti-oxidant

Most people get their intake of this important mineral from the foods they eat, as it is derived from soils where food is grown. There are a few notable exceptions – the United Kingdom has notoriously low levels, while Keshan Province in northeast China made selenium famous because the selenium levels in the soil are so low that people in the region suffer from what is called Keshan disease, which manifests as enlarged hearts and has killed about 30 percent of mothers of children with the disease.

Men's Health

Real men pop pills

It’s become more than acceptable for men to take pills for sexual performance purposes. They also do it to protect their prostate (which is, of course, also related to that first item above). They also do it for weekend warrior purposes.

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