Green Tea

Best Foods for Protecting Skin from the Sun This 4th Of July

The fireworks shouldn’t happen on your skin

When it comes to protection from the harmful effects of sunlight, what you put in your body is as important as what you put on it.Most of us think of protection from the sun’s damaging effects on skin as coming from the outside, i.e. sunscreen. The truth is that the right nutrients are just as important because they can protect the skin from those cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays, from the inside. When you are outside this 4th of July holiday, remember to protect your skin from the inside, too. Here are some of the foods and nutrients that will do just that.

Inflammation: Supplements Can Help

Inflammation is thought to be the core of all modern diseases

Itching, burning, tender, swollen and sore are all symptoms of inflammation, an immune response created by the body in reaction to a cut, scrape, burn or pathogen. In this sense, inflammation is a defense against invaders and a key component of tissue healing. But when inflammation becomes chronic, this natural healthy reaction can become unhealthy and cause problems such as atherosclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and a host of other diseases.

Green Tea

Green tea, the healthy sip

Aside from herbal teas, there are three classic types of teas: the Chinese-style green tea, the run-of-the-mill black tea, and the delicate oolong tea. But one thing links all these traditional teas: They all come from the leaves of the same Camellia senensis bush. The distinguishing factor is how they are processed. Green tea is unfermented, black tea is fully fermented, oolong is partially fermented. Each tea type possesses unique beneficial compounds.

Science-based Information on Supplements

There are thousands of dietary supplements on the market, and it can be daunting to find the right ones for your particular health concerns. endeavors to share the latest information science is discovering about the effects of dietary supplements on various health conditions.


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