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Is Your Eggnog Safe?

It is hard to imagine the holidays without eggnog, which offers much to like: rich, spicy, and alcoholic. The rich wintertime drink is made by mixing milk and/or cream with sugar and beaten (raw) eggs, flavoring with ground cinnamon and nutmeg, and not heating the mixture. Often, advocaat, bourbon, brandy, rum, whiskey and/or other liqueurs are added to enhance the experience and to bring out the flavors.

But given the dubious safety of shell eggs today, many people are rightfully cautious about the safety of eggnog.


The rising tide of diabetes

About 1 out of 15 Americans has diabetes – 20 million of us. Worse, before you develop diabetes you get metabolic syndrome, which is a prediabetes condition that includes elevated blood-sugar levels, high blood pressure or a spare tire around your waist. One in six Americans have this, according to the American Diabetes Association.1

Being pre-diabetic means you’re certainly gunning for diabetes, but it also means you’re also cruising for a coronary. It also means you likely don’t have all the energy you could have.

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