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Health Blog: Best Fitness Foods For Women - Part Two

Best Fitness FoodsLast we started off our post on best fitness foods for women with all the usual foods you’d expect to see on a list like this.  Today we’re going to take a look at the underdogs, the ones that no one saw coming.

Best Fitness Foods For Women – Part One

Best Fitness Foods For Women: The Usual Suspects

Best fitness foods for womenI’ll be honest with you.  When I first started doing the research for this two-part article on best fitness foods for women, I managed to discover the most boring material on food you could possibly find.  I distinctly remember falling asleep between “avocados” and “broccoli” on one particular list – which was quite impressive seeing as how they were ri

Health Blog: Exercise – The Fountain of Youth, Part 2


You can boost your immunity through proper exercise

Knowing the proper way to exercise will go a long way to keep your body young and stave off disease. Starting in adolescence our body’s internal army, the immune system, slowly begins to lose its ability to fight off invaders such as viruses and bacteria. The reason for this is believed to be the gradual shrinking of our body’s primary organ of the immune system, the thymus gland, which begins to shrink around puberty and by age 60 is barely visible.

Health Blog: Should Women Take Calcium Supplements …

 … or will it give you a heart attack? 

does taking calcium cause women to have heart attacks?Well, it’s happened again. Researchers released a poorly designed on a particular supplement, and the press trumpeted the supposed health risks associated with it. In reading the news reports and the published study this week, it looks to us that neither researchers nor reporters did their homework.

Krill Oil Blog Summary Page

Learn about health benefits, sustainability and other issues about krill oil

From WellWise krill oil blogs, you can learn about the numerous nutrients krill oil contains, the health benefits it offers, the issues surrounding the harvesting of krill oil, and more.

Health Blog: Three Natural Health Basics I Would Teach Everyone, if I Could…

First basic of natural health: eat and drink properly

3 basics  for natural healthEating well can be treacherous territory. Everywhere you look, you are getting different advice and honestly, that is because there is no one way everyone should eat. But, there is one way you should eat. You just have to learn your way around your own metabolism and your body’s signals when it comes to foods.

Health Blog: How Can We Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia?

There actually is an effective protocol for treating CFS and FMS

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and FibromyalgiaIn 1975, while in medical school, I came down with what I call the “Drop Dead Flu” which triggered my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia (FMS). The medical system had no idea how to help, but I managed to learn what I needed to get well, and you can, too.

Mom Blog: How to Clock Out When Your Boss Wears Diapers

Strategies for finding rejuvenating time off for mothers

Here are some suggestions on how mothers can find some rejuvenation during their challenging day.Recently a dear friend of mine said, “Sometimes I just want to clock out from motherhood.” I could wholeheartedly relate to her frustration, as I have experienced it many times.

Health Blog: Counterfeit Estrogens and Your Metabolism

Is your body being fooled into gaining weight by xenoestrogens?

Counterfeit estrogens in the environment are messing with your metabolism.You may already know that estrogens are critical elements for maintaining health and balance in the body. But did you know that there are estrogen mimickers in our environment that can lead to hormonal imbalance, weight gain and disease?

Women’s Health Blog: Omega-3s Boost Responses to Breast-Cancer Drug

Study finds they appear to reduce gene expression linked to tumor growth

New research points to a potential role for omega-3s in fighting tumors.In case you need one more reason to add fish oil to your diet, on April 6, 2011, researchers from the Fox Chase Cancer Center presented breaking research showing that omega-3 fatty acids boost the effectiveness of a common breast-cancer drug, tamoxifen.

Health Blog: Supplements vs Pharmaceuticals

Why you don’t know about supplements that can make you better

Supplements can be just as effective for certain ailments as pharmaceuticals. If you haven’t heard this, there is a reason.Unless you’re living without TV, you’ve undoubtedly heard of pharmaceutical drugs to reduce “bad” cholesterol, and drugs for joint pain. But have you heard about  dietary supplements that have a positive effect on these health conditions?

There's a reason for that.

Mom Blog: Healthy Mom Means Healthy Family

It is important you find your balance, mom

Healthy mom mean a happier and healthy familyMotherhood. At times it feels unmanageable, incredibly busy, deeply challenging. But it also has the potential to ignite deeper capacities a woman didn’t even know she had.

Health Blog: Happy Tummy, Happy Body

Putting good bacteria in your tummy may one day save your life

Just how important is your tummy to your overall health? Consider this: you are only one cell layer away from the bacteria in your intestines from killing you.

Health Blog: The Run is Afoot!

Naturopathic doctor to run across nation to raise awareness

On July 17th, 2011, Dr. Dennis Godby – accompanied by his energetic sons, Isaiah and Jeremiah, and nephew, Jonas Ely – will set off on an historic, four-month journey from San Francisco, California, to Bridgeport, Connecticut … on foot.

Health Blog: Omega-3s and Cancer

Omega-3 shows promise for preserving weight, muscle for cancer patients

Preserving lean muscle is a concern for every aging person, but especially so for those undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Cancer patients on chemo typically suffer from muscle wasting and malnutrition, and this involuntary weight loss is a major contributor to both mortality and morbidity. Here is some good news about this.

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