Health Blog: Supplements vs Pharmaceuticals

Why you don’t know about supplements that can make you better

Supplements can be just as effective for certain ailments as pharmaceuticals. If you haven’t heard this, there is a reason.Unless you’re living without TV, you’ve undoubtedly heard of pharmaceutical drugs to reduce “bad” cholesterol, and drugs for joint pain. But have you heard about  dietary supplements that have a positive effect on these health conditions?

There's a reason for that.

Health Blog: Krill oil and metabolic syndrome

Krill oil benefits may include having a positive effect on metabolic syndrome

A recent study demonstrated that daily doses of krill-oil supplements may reduce markers of metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is the name medical researchers give to a group of factors that occur simultaneously and demonstrably increase the risk for stroke, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.1

Health Blog: Obesity and Cancer – What You Need to Know

These two conditions are increasingly being linked

Research is finding a strong link between excess body fat and cancer. Everyone knows that smoking is a major cause of cancer. Yet, according to research published in the British Journal of Public Health, obese adults have more chronic health problems than their smoking counterparts, some of which greatly increase their risk of cancer.

Food Blog: The (Food Label) Scripture

The good (and bad) news

The Old Testament (of Food Labels)

In the beginning, there were no food labels, only the earth and the sky. But God wanted more, so on the third day He said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so.

Food Blog: Drinking to Your Health

Looking for a healthy beverage? Have a tea party!

Athletes and consumers who want to live a healthy lifestyle are increasingly reaching out for enhanced waters and sports drinks. A growing body of scientific evidence, however, indicates that old-fashioned beverages — tea and coffee — are the elixirs for nutrition, health and workout recovery.

Health Blog: When Type 2 Diabetes Strikes, Part 2

How to naturally manage Type 2 diabetes

Here’s the advice I gave to my physicist friend James when he asked me what to do about dealing with his recent diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.

Health Blog: When Type 2 Diabetes Strikes

Diabetes and Isaac Newton

My friend James, a physicist, and I were recently discussing Newton’s third law of motion — which states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction — when the conversation took a rather interesting turn. He abruptly exclaimed that nobody, in any situation, can escape this law, and that no one knew this better than he did. James has a great sense of humor, so I was curious as to what he was going to say next.

Health Blog: How to Defeat Diabetes 2

With type 2 diabetes, its about diet, exercise and sleep

Type 2 diabetes is a huge and growing problem in the West. If it continues at this pace, the costs to society will be enormous. And it is tough for the person who has it. Type 2 diabetes accounts for almost 90 percent of overall diabetes, and is usually caused when the insulin receptor sites on our cells become resistant to insulin, rendering it non-effective.

Health Blog: Muscle Your Way to a Longer Life

The body fat-disease-aging link

Everybody wants to live a long and healthy life. But, if you carry excess body fat on your frame, then you may be setting yourself up for a shorter lifespan than the one you were aiming for.

Alternative Sweeteners ... Are They Worth Trying?

Have you noticed there is a sweetener revolution going on? A friend stopped by my office recently and asked, “Have you heard about the controversy about agave – that it might not be as healthy as we thought?” Another friend emailed me about stevia, Reb-A, asking me if I thought it is safe to eat.

Coenzyme Q-10

Coenzyme Q-10: Energy for mitochondria 

Coenzyme Q-10 is more than the energy nutrient. It’s more than the heart-health nutrient. It’s also involved in a crime – the crime of mainstream American doctors not recommending their patients take it with the cholesterol-lowering statin drugs the doctors prescribe like so much candy.


Resveratrol: Anti-aging miracle?

What has been called “The French Paradox” is the notion that the French eat much more high-fat foods compared to Americans, yet have three times less heart disease. The answer is now thought to be because of the copious quantities of red wine the French consume.

How great is that?


Ginseng: the ancient remedy

If it’s true that you are what you eat, then that’s a good reason why Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) root has been consumed by humans for more than 5,000 years. Its man-like appearance led to it being used as an adaptogen to maintain overall health and vitality. Asian ginseng also has a long history of use as a sexual energizer for men.

Vitamin D may cut elderly heart disease and diabetes risk

Middle aged and elderly people with high blood levels of vitamin D may be at a 33 per cent lower risk of developing heart disease, says a new review from the UK. Read more.

Antioxidants May Help Lower Diabetes Rates, Study Says

Higher consumption of antioxidants in the diet in order to lower the rate of diabetes should be made a public health priority, according to a new study. Read more.

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