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Health Blog: What to Do to Help Fight the Ill Effects of Trans Fats

In the previous blogs about trans fats, we have told you about the bad things these can do to your heart and your brain. But what else besides avoiding trans fats in processed and restaurant foods might you do to ameliorate the ill effects of trans fats on your vital organs?

Health Blog: Trans Fats Clog More than the Heart

The Bad Fat       

Trans fats were developed in the early part of the 20th century to make vegetable oils last longer and spoil less frequently than animal fats, giving commercial food manufacturers the opportunity to create products that cost less, have a longer shelf life and have a less greasy feel.

WellWise Launches Omega 6 Campaign

Omega 6 Imbalance Out of Control

WellWise started an awareness campaign about the negative health effects of massive omega 6 fatty acid consumption. Omega 6 fats are now omnipresent in virtually all processed foods, and have undermined the omega 6 to 3 balance. Diabetes, obesity, heart disease and many other inflammatory diseases are most often the outcome. This imbalance impacts not only individuals but also the health of the nation at large. Read more about omega 6.


Health Blog: Seven Ways to Maximize Baby’s Health

With your baby, it is important to start out right

It is important to maximize your baby's health from the beginning of lifeWhen you work in preventative health care, a newborn infant is somewhat of a “holy grail.” A completely clean slate at birth, the newborn offers physicians the opportunity to work purely with health optimization – no chronic symptoms to unravel, no life history to contend with. My only job is to maintain and promote proper function on all levels. Here are the seven things I recommend to all new parents to maximize their baby’s health going forward.

Krill Oil Blog Summary Page

Learn about health benefits, sustainability and other issues about krill oil

From WellWise krill oil blogs, you can learn about the numerous nutrients krill oil contains, the health benefits it offers, the issues surrounding the harvesting of krill oil, and more.

WellWise Brain Blog

Read WellWise’s brain blogs to learn about the role of nutrition for such disorders as ADHD and ADD

Brain Blogs about brain health, add and adhd

Brain Blog: Krill Oil and ADHD: Why Brain Fats M

Health Blog: Three Natural Health Basics I Would Teach Everyone, if I Could…

First basic of natural health: eat and drink properly

3 basics  for natural healthEating well can be treacherous territory. Everywhere you look, you are getting different advice and honestly, that is because there is no one way everyone should eat. But, there is one way you should eat. You just have to learn your way around your own metabolism and your body’s signals when it comes to foods.

Health Blog: Cell Phones Linked to Brain Cancer?

Tips to reduce your exposure and risk

Cell phones may case brain cancerWe love our cell phones but we also love our brains, and though an agency of the World Health Organization recently rocked the media world with their announcement of a possible link between cell phone use and brain cancer, but they also said the link was pretty weak. In fact, the same agency has previously named alcoholic drinks and night shift work as probable carcinogens.

Brain Blog: The brain heals itself!

Neuroplasticity – why you can change your brain

You can change and train your brainIt’s fascinating how resilient the brain is and how it can miraculously rewire and restore itself. There are so many stories about people who, after extensive injuries or having part of their brain taken out, have recovered the lost function as one part of the brain takes over the damaged or missing part. In this series of brain blogs, I will be exploring ways to change and improve our own brains – neuroplasticity.

Health Blog: Having Trouble Remembering?

These basics will boost your memory

Stress and overwhelm create a fast-paced life, which predisposes us to memory lapses.As we get older, most of us start to wish that our memory would serve us better. We begin to notice that we cannot recall a person’s name or remember what we went into the next room to do. Here are three simple tips that can have a profound effect on your memory and brain function.

Health Blog: The Run is Afoot!

Naturopathic doctor to run across nation to raise awareness

On July 17th, 2011, Dr. Dennis Godby – accompanied by his energetic sons, Isaiah and Jeremiah, and nephew, Jonas Ely – will set off on an historic, four-month journey from San Francisco, California, to Bridgeport, Connecticut … on foot.

Omega-3s in food and beverages

Why we don’t see more products containing omega-3s

With all that omega-3 fatty acids have going for them, it’s easy to see why fortifying foods and beverages with the omega-3s DHA/EPA is a good idea. Study after study has demonstrated a dizzying array of health benefits of omega-3s – from mental clarity and mood enhancement to cholesterol reduction and weight control for patients on chemotherapy.

Brain Blog: Cell Phones and Your Brain

This is your brain on … a cell phone

If you ever wondered what happens to your brain when you have a cell phone mashed up against your ear, you now have an answer: It gets excited.

Health Blog: Nutrition Revolution by the People!

Dietary guidelines for Americans lag behind

As usual government is, as they say, a little slow on the uptake.

You may have seen the recent WellWise blog about the new USDA dietary guidelines. We wrote about the reduced salt recommendations, but we missed something rather amusing.

Brain Blog: Good News for Your Noggin

Astaxanthin may help prevent dementia

Here’s some quick good news about your brain, aging and astaxanthin.

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